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Free Consultation for Voice Search

Voice Search is one of the newest ways consumers are searching for businesses online. Consumers are using Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, to name the top three. Each device pulls from different sources for data. Searches will differ depending on what device you are using. There has recently been a rash of advertising from companies selling advertising, claiming that you need to pay for advertising to be listed on Voice Search. Those claims are not valid. For your business to be found on Voice Search you need to appear on the Search Engines that the devices pull their data. Google Assistant pulls their information from Google. Therefore if your business has a Google Profile, your business will appear on Google Assistant. Alexa pulls from Bing, online directories, and they are also pulling some data from Yext. Siri pulls from Apple maps, which has some limitations. The biggest drawback to Siri is that you can't appear on Siri unless your business has a physical address you want that listed. As Voice Search comes more embedded in our lives and evolves, things will change as they always do online. Ava Sakowski Marketing keeps on top of current trends and helps to correct the misinformation sometimes sewn by salespeople. For a Free Consultation about Voice Search. Please Call Ava 425 931 8777.

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