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Are you well-known for what you do?

As a business owner, every day, you are carving a path of what you want to be known for within your service area. In today's world, there is usually a buffer between you and your referrals or new business acquisition. The buffer is the internet, and how well you show up for what you do is what supports your customer acquisition. If you are a well-driller, you want to be recognized as a well-driller on the internet. You want to be sure that all of your services are associated with your business in a general search.

You also want to be "known" as someone to call if I need a well drilled. Today people get their referrals from the internet. You have to show up in places online in a way that compliments your business and your services. Best practices, when followed, should identify your company with all of the keywords in your industry. It takes time, just like moving in a new area it takes time for your "reputation" to build and to create enough "contacts" or content that legitimizes your services and the quality you are delivering.

Unfortunately, your hard-earned reputation can be tarnished with one bad review unless you can get that review removed or have enough positive reviews to bury it. How you "look" online is probably all your new customers know of you. It would help if you armed yourself getting new positive reviews as a matter of practice. The importance of your online reputation and your ranking as compared to other business delivering the same or similar services in your target market cannot be underestimated.

What a marketing manager does is evaluate, monitor, and submit content online. An internet marketing manager looks at everything you have posted on-line. You want to tell your potential market about your business by utilizing access to as many search engines as possible and delivering unique content relevant to your brand or service. Spend time assessing all your digital properties and evaluating their effectiveness. Add new content by creating new graphics, and text for all your internet properties. Correcting online content on websites, blogs, directories, search engines, and social media is crucial.

The internet is an ever-changing engine that drives customers or clients to your business or away from your company. The goal of a marketing manager is to drive your potential customers to you.

Ava offers 30-minute consultations to see if I can help you. 425 931 8777

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