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How can Social Media help my business?

There are two ways to look at Social Media. One is engagement, which is a project on its own. The other way to look at is that everything you do online feeds Google and all other search engines. In this case, quantity and quality do matter. Google wants to see your brand or identity in collaborative places with your information looking impeccable, consistent, professional, relevant, and current. They digitally compare your online presence to your competitors with an algorithm that consists of about 200 points. It is an entirely secret algorithm that keeps changing with new rollouts. Having pages that people are interacting with is just as important as having quality pages and a variety of digital properties. Everything works together. The better you "look" and "are read" online in comparison to others providing the same product or service will dictate your rankings, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Social media feeds the significant engines. If my keyword search starts as general contractor, in Sarasota, I might not be satisfied with my search so I might then I narrow it down to a general contractor for remodeling a house in Sarasota, Google will look deeper and be narrowing the search based the criteria and be comparing all contractors with these matching keywords and running that through the algorithm. If your social media posts, reviews, comments, views, and shares are matching my search, this will help your organic listings with Google, and other engines rank higher. Reviews are HUGE, and most businesses do not do this well. Reviews on Google are gold, but reviews on Facebook, yelp, are in the top 3. Half of "SEO" (Search Engine Optimization) includes SMO (Social Media Optimization).

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