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Hiring an Internet Marketing Consultant

What does it mean to hire an internet marketing consultant? Most small businesses try to do everything themselves or work directly with companies that sell them internet "products". I worked on the other side of the table for years, selling internet "products". Some were effective over time and some really weren't effective at all. Mostly they were overpriced because there was so many hands in the pie, so to speak. Sometimes the problem wasn't the product. Full development of the "product" never really happened or fulfilled the promise. Most of the time I blame the company I worked for. The intention was sales not necessarily fulfillment. Fulfillment was usually an afterthought. Since sometimes they rushed things to market that weren't yet proven to achieve promised results.

Since I have been working at as a marketing consultant on my client's side of table, I have been looking for what I can really do that makes a long term difference for my clients.. What I have found is that I have saved my clients thousands of dollars at times by digging deep into marketing costs, following up on errors or discussing contracts. I look at all relevant keywords online in my clients' specific geography and evaluate the gaps, errors and reputation issues. There are many easy steps that can be taken to increase organic presence on social media sites and search engines. I go through current marketing vendors and look at the true ROI of marketing platforms or products. We set up tracking measures so the effectiveness can truly be judged.

Social Media is a huge part of any businesses marketing platform. If you don't think you do social media, you do. Social Sites create profiles for you, you don't need to create your own. You do need to claim them. When SM sites or directory sites create profiles for you they can do this inaccurately. Reputation management is huge. You can have negative reviews on sites you never explore and never know it unless someone tells you. Negative reviews can affect your whole business and certainly your bottom line. As a internet marketing consultant, I help you with everything so that you feel organized and on top of your marketing. You will no longer question the effectiveness of your advertising or marketing. As a consultant I pay for myself over and over. My clients would attest to that.

If you don't work with me, work with someone who can really look at all these key elements and help you with the gaps. A year of focus will make all the difference for your online presence and development of digital properties. You will see the difference in your business.

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