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Every business is usually concerned or at the least impacted by Google rankings. It is such a competitive market and this RANK can change daily although it usually doesn't. It is a slow crawl to visible and you usually DON"T disappear to the bottom unless something has gone terrible wrong i.e. penalties or hacking. You can improve your Google rankings by claiming engines, updating website, being aware of keywords and geography. Constantly letting the search engines know that you are IN business and what your business is about. Avoid confusing data, conflicting phone numbers, addresses, websites, photos, social media and meta tags. Picture and small bio of owner should shared all on all sites if possible. All of these need to be consistent. Load speed of your website is a ranking factor and should be addressed. Mobile is out performing PC in many areas. Make sure your mobile site easy and informative.

Then it's about content, right content, targeting content and well presented content. Most business owners are too busy to worry about all of this and hire this work out. Who you hire can hurt you, or NOT help you. These folks must be chosen carefully always remembering that it's THEIR business they are most concerned about, not yours. As a Marketing Manager. I am concerned about you and ALL of your marketing, how it all works together to render you the results you need based on your unique business and the unique mix of your employees. If you don't hire me. Hire someone to have a look before you hire a vendor and someone who will monitor their work to make sure it is achieving the results that are possible based on your desire for growth or maintenance.

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