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How do I appear on the 1st page of Google in my category?

There are only three places you can appear on Google; Google Maps, organic content, or paid content. These three places will shift as data is refreshed. Showing up on Google isn't complicates. It would help if you had good advice, depending on what you want to accomplish.

First, you need to create a Google Profile for your business. Then select a category for your business. If there is an existing profile, you need to claim it and update it. If you have a home-based business, you can create a Google Profile. Google will suppress your address. Repeat this action on as many other directories as possible because Google uses your "entities" elsewhere online to rank you on Google.

You need a desktop website and a mobile website. Mobile is more than 50% of all search, so the mobile site should be functionally and responsive.

It would help if you had professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that is on top of all new trends, linking, article submissions, and so much more. Most business owners are not experts in SEO. Organic content, planted now, will bloom in the months to come and affect your online presence exponentially. Not all SEO vendors are competent. Some care more about the sale than the result for their clients. Some are excellent, but management fees are high. Some are just jewels. Great results, happy clients. As a consultant, I look for the gems because this is what I mine for, "great results online".

The cost of paid advertising on Google is also complicated. How much you pay per click is a combination of what your competitors are willing to bid and the quality scores for you and your competitors. Quality scores include the maturity of your business online, the extensiveness of your online presence, consistency of your content ,and important ranking factors such as owner name and photo?

The competition in your category is a huge factor. Rising to the top can be a challenging climb, with the right advice, you can achieve your goals and rise to the top. For example, Dentists, lawyers, and real estate agents can be tough, and a strategy is necessary.

The importance of working with people who genuinely care about you and your business should not be under-rated. When you work with salespeople, they cannot help but have a conflict of interest when it comes to "selling you." When you have a marketing consultant working with you, your investment should be their only interest. Just as the maturity of relationship matters in life, it matters if vendors who are helping with your marketing know your business. The magic of transmitting what truly sets you apart from others draws you the best engagement from people who need you. Generic content is boring and has no personality. Someone who works for you can bring the character of your business, service, or profession across all aspects of the internet. The result is more clients, better quality, less stress, less mess, more confidence, better days, and more cash!

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