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Why don't you have enough Great Reviews on Google?

What keeps you from getting reviews? I know exactly why you aren't getting the positive reviews you need. You do not ask for them. Ask the right people at the right time for a great review. Let them know you are attempting to improve your online profile.

Reviews are critical to your overall ranking when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization). Reviews are strictly between your customers and you. This is the type of data Google loves the most.

I know clients that were impacted by negative reviews because they had so few it hurt them. If you have eight great reviews and someone leaves you a bad one, you won't notice as much impact. Just get five more good ones. It will make you look well rounded. Do not wait until you have to react to a negative one. The energy won't be the same when you HAVE to ask. Just respond in real-time with real clients and express that great reviews and referrals are the best way to thank you.

When it comes to Google, Google loves Google Reviews. Reviews are not all that matter, but they are weighted heavily. Google Reviews are not all that is important either. Yelp reviews show on Bing. Have you ever noticed when searching for Dentists, who dominates in a specific geography? Have you ever seen anyone in a top-ranking position (that has competition) that doesn't have more positive reviews than anyone else? I can give you all the complicated reasons why this is true. Would it matter? All content leads to Google. Google ranks the number of entities you have out there heavily in your score. Reviews on other sites help you twice. The fact is you know you need them, get them now when it's easier. Whenever people are delighted and tell you so, ask for the review right then, when a customer says. "Oh, thank you so much. I really appreciate your help." or "I love coming here." or "You are always so great here." You say. "We appreciate your positive feedback. It would support our business if you would go online leave your kind review for us there, where it can help bring in more customers?" Thank them in advance. Ask every time a customer compliments your your business.

Give great reviews! Great Reviews help businesses so much. They are FREE! You have to ask usually. Businesses spend so much to acquire a client. Much of the overhead of a company goes to customer acquisition. Great Reviews are a way you give feedback to that hard-working business owner about everything they have done right. Everyone needs that, including YOU. I have found we get what we give if you know what I mean.

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