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Why do you need an internet marketing consultant like Ava Sakowski?

Why do you need an internet marketing consultant like me? You need someone like me because I have YOUR bottom line and your success in mind as well as my own. I worked in sales for many years. I have to say that I wasn't always he "best" sales person. Let me tell you why. I always represented a specific company that had "their" bottom line in mind. Rightly they expected me to sell the "most" to the "most" business that I could sell. I could never do it. I got to know my clients, I knew about their businesses. I looked for things that could help them where they needed help. I was always a "hit" with my clients. When I was in sales, I saw that many times the businesses I visited didn't need my product or could save money $$$ on my product. I put my clients first even before my own bottom line. Today I have my own internet marketing firm. I work as a consultant. I am humbled and happy to serve clients who had former relationships with in some capacity in the past. I think it speaks to my professionalism and client-centeredness when my former clients re-hire me. I work with my client's existing vendors. I might research possible vendors that can provide the exact service my client wants at the BEST PRICE.and still get the job done. I am not afraid to tell my clients the truth about rates or advantages and disadvantages of working with certain companies as well as specific internet marketing strategies. I treat every client differently and the tasks I perform vary from business to business. Take advantage of my FREE OFFER for 1/2 hour consultation. I will do my research and I will be ready to give you feedback. I can always help and offer suggestions. I consider my self a problems solver. You can ask any of my current clients for a recommendation. Just Google my reviews at Ava Sakowski Marketing or let me know if you want to call for a reference.

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