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Internet Marketing Services and Service Providers

Since I began my consulting business over a year ago, one of my roles has been to work with many service providers that deliver internet services, website design, hosting, print advertising, domain services, scheduling services, SEO, SEM and Social Media. I am in a position sometimes several times a day to make phone calls or send emails to service providers. I have been amazed at the level of incompetence of some of the most popular service providers, to offer the services they promised, with the results they promised, for the price they quoted. I have also found that when the bigger corporations make huge mistakes, it takes them a long time to figure it out, and they are quick to deny refunds even when it is obvious that they were NOT performing billed services, I have spent hours on hold or hours explaining my problems to agent after agent that wants to be helpful but is either NOT trained or it is mad conspiracy to wear the customer so they will forget it and NOT pursue, Many of my clients have expressed to me that in their frustration they have often given up and had to weigh their time against the amount of the possible "refund". Much of my time has been spent on the phone with large corporations pursuing refunds for mistakes or just getting them to correct a mistake that is adversely affecting my business client.

I have personally moved my service providers to "smaller companies" not because they are "cheaper" (which they sometimes are). I want to have someone I can call or email. I realize that this isn't always possible. They are some companies that do try and they are trying to improve. I would like to make a list of them. Please Review companies that you are unhappy with and please review those, you are. Pressure to the right thing and encouragement when you do, this is the power we have, to give feedback to the people we do business with.

Now, my personal promotion. Working with a consultant is imperative if you are busy. You hire an accountant to do your books, Make sure someone looks at your marketing and marketing vendors who is not trying to sell you something. I can always help and many people have called me the "tech whisperer". Just a one time consultation can give you perspective on your entire marketing plan or just one issue.

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