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The Power of Reviews for Businesses & Consumers.

You woke this morning, and you did business with people in some capacity. They either did a stellar job, and your life went the way you planned today, or things went awry. Marketing Managers know that the most critical thank you business can get is a great review. I have found in my research that most of the established companies have ZERO to two reviews despite years in business, despite 100s of happy clients. The only time they pay attention is if someone puts a negative review out there. If you are in business, it is essential that is to have lots of positive reviews because you might get a negative one at some time. Great reviews drive your conversion of future leads. People will read those reviews and compare your reviews to the reviews of your competitors. Make sure yours are positive, answered, and anything negative has had an intervention. Why not thank someone today. Give someone a great review on Google. Perhaps that thank you will lead to a thank you in return. I am keeping my promise to remember businesses that do an excellent job with a Great Review. I will accentuate my positive experiences and share them with the world. There is enough of the negative. People need encouragement for doing good work. It feels good to share a positive experience & express gratitude.

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