Premier Package         $1000 per month

Small businesses usually can't afford to have a dedicated marketing department.    For this package, I will handle all aspects of your marketing needs, handle all in-coming marketing calls, social media management, reputation management, vendor relationships, and contract negotiations for marketing services, search engine optimization (SEO), analyze current marketing plan for effectiveness as dictated by the current market. Create and maintain consistent profiles across the internet. This position translates to a dynamic role, nothing automated or software-driven. My work is all hands-on (approximately 20-25 hours per month). 

Google, Bing, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter,   $500  per month


Create, correct, maintain, post on these engines. Responsible for creating and maintaining search engines.  Respond to reviews. Watch for inconsistencies, negative feedback or aggressive search engines.  Create a postive and consistent presence online, create new and relevant content for online distribution. 

Facebook   $150 per month

Facebook posting, maintenance, promotions, content creation, review monitoring, and response.  Alerts for any negative feedback. 

 Short Video Production $500

Video is more important than ever in business when it comes to marketing.  You can spend $1000s of dollars on commercials, and some companies should do precisely that. Still, most of my customers need short (2 to 5 minute) videos distributed across search engines such as Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and your website. We can create much better engagement with video. More importantly, your future customers can really "get" who you are and "what" your business offers. The traffic we drive to contact you are already qualified.

You can also use short videos to answers frequently asked questions and use them as a video blog.