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Internet Marketing Consultant - Ava Sakowski

Got Social Media?

Why is social media important for my business? .

Facebook ranks #2 as the most visited engine on the internet. Google is #1.  Whether you like social media or not, social media for business is driving business.  It also helps SEO because it creates an additional entity for your business.  Facebook is fast becoming one of the #1 ways of communicating between clients or customers and the businesses. Social Media instantly gives you credibility and adds personality to business.  It is fast way to get out offers and communicate changes on a daily basis.

What is SEO? What is SEM? What about my website? What about Search Engines? Am I mobile friendly?

Internet Marketing means so many things today and there are many different answers to the same question.  As a marketing consultant, I don't try to dazzle you with all that I know.  I make  all aspects of internet marketing understandable.  I answer all your questions or get them answered. I get to know you and your business.  What business strategies are going to be most cost effective and help you achieve your personalized goals.

What is important to your business when it comes to Google?

Let me help you decipher everything you have heard about Google.

What about Video? Podcasting?

Is Video important your business? Do you have video?  What types of video are important?

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