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A:  Why do you need an Internet Marketing Consultant like Ava and her team?

Q:  I believe every business can benefit by making an evaluation of vendors, and products as an ongoing part of your strategy.  The markets are ever-changing and what worked yesterday may not work today.  
Q: Am I spending too much or not enough money on paid advertising? 

A: The only way you can know that is to have an independent study of your spending and your results. Luckily we offer this service. Call for a Free consultation. 
Q:  What would you expect if you had your own marketing department? 

A:  Most small businesses don't have the budget for a full-time marketing department.  We offer that outcome for a fraction of the cost. 
Q:  Do you have anyone impartial that you trust to discuss your current marketing products, services, and vendors, or evaluate marketing opportunities? 

A: Since do not sell for particular vendors or vendor products we can be completely impartial and trustworthy. 
Q:  Am I appearing in all the correct places with all the correct information online? 

A:  This is easy to evaluate and is a free service with Ava. One of the first questions we answer in a 1/2 hour free consultation. 
Do you have a trusted marketing consultant? 
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