Hire Experience and My Personal Touch.

When you hire Ava Sakowski Marketing it is straightforward, you get Ava Sakowski, not an algorithm. You get all my years of experience with marketing, and it's evolution. I understand the newest jargon and tricks; salespeople want to get into your pocket for services that may not serve you.  I know how to search the internet for information that may be inaccurate, fraudulent, and find the gaps in your online presence. When you hire me you don't get robot generated implementation you get me.  You get someone who looks at everything.  I am continually finding issues and saving my clients a ton of $$$ and hassle. 




Thirty-plus years of experience and caring. 

Hands-on implementation of internet updates and corrections,

Website recommendations and changes.

Website Development and Maintenance

Social Media Content Submission and Monitoring

Google updates and posting.

Marketing Management and Vendor communication

Reputation Management: Monitoring and Responding to all reviews accessible across the internet. 

Short video production, create a youtube channel for distribution to other search engines. 



What I Offer

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You think you don't need my help ava sak